The Family

Naturally, we are keen to follow up the progress of our pups in their new homes, where possible. On this page are some pictures of our pups in their new homes with their owners, together with some kind comments from our customers.

  •  Hi Carol and Gord
  • Just a wee note to let you know I'm OK.
  • I missed you all last night, but they gave me a cute little crate to sleep in and a nice soft toy to cuddle.
  • I ate my dinner and gee, I had the cutest little bowl for my water. Their water tastes a bit funny, but I'll get used to it and it was nice and cold.
  • All kinds of their friends came by to meet me and some even wanted to take me home. I liked the lady next door, she took some pictures of me and even sent them by email to her daughter in Australia. Ron brought one of his running mates home and he liked me too. They all have neat laces on their running shoes. They are all kind of long and I can help them to make them away shorter, so it won't take so long to tie up their shoes !
  • Ron tucked me into my wee bed about 10pm and you won't believe it but I slept until 6 this morning. I went right outside with Nellie and did my business.....then we came in and I had fun with my new ball while they had a cup of tea.
  • I miss you and the guys, but please don't worry about me. I like it here and they are really nice people. Nellie and I are going to go for a walk shortly, after I have a wee cat nap.
  • Lots of love from Ceilidh
  •  Dear Carol and Gord,

    After owning this wonderful breed for nearly a lifetime, it was such a treat to know we received such a loving, bright, gregarious and beautiful little chap such as Brody. He possesses all the best of the Westie traits and has such a beautiful spirit and confidence and we are so proud to show him off to neighbours and strangers.

    We know we did the right thing by holding out for one of Blythfell's "best" - We got the best in our lovely Brody! Many thanks,

    Marian Bendeth
  •  Hi Carol & Gord,
  • I hope you both are doing well. Roxy is fantastic! She's thriving in our routines. Her appetite is great, doing very well with doing "her business" outside, she performs many commands, sleeps well in her crate, enjoys her walks with me around the neighbourhood, her temperament is superb and she is very healthy and beautiful!! We feel very lucky to have her.
  •  I just wanted to let you know that Rocco is doing fantastic. ....As well I wanted to thank-you! Rocco is so much fun and great to have around....we are also amazed at how much personality he has!
  •  I am so very glad that we chose the Westie breed, and of course Blythfell. I would never have believed I could be so smitten with a breed other than the Sheltie, but this little guy has converted me 100%
  •  We could not hope for a better dog and could not be happier. Thank you so much for giving Lulu to us Carol. I already feel like she has been part of our lives forever. She is so wonderful. We are so happy. THANK YOU SO MUCH,
  •  Just wanted to let you know he is well and loved by both of us very much. He continues to be the hit of the neighbourhood and is keeping me walking him which is good for both of us.
  •  You could get further business here as several people are impressed with him and his temperament. He has filled a void in our lives since the loss of Angus and may exceed our expectations for a wonderful pet. Thanks again.
  •  Bonnie is great. She is extremely popular at work (A retirement residence). I have a cabinet full of expensive treats and toys the residents buy for her. My office looks like a daycare. I try to curtail the amount of treats the residents give her. Some take her for walks with their walkers and Bonnie walks nice and slow with them. One Resident gave the residence a $1,000.00 donation because of Bonnie. Another Resident who has not smiled or laughed (at all!) in years laughs out loud and has a grin from ear to ear whenever I bring Bonnie up on her lap (she is wheelchair bound). This lady cannot use her hands so rubs Bonnie gently with her fists. The lady now talks about her pet from 25 years ago. Her children are thrilled (in tears) at this improvement and the staff are amazed.
  •  Ari is doing very well and we are so pleased with him. We have just finished digging out the perimeter of our yard and attaching chicken wire to the fence and sinking it well into the ground- as Ari has discovered the art of digging and has been encouraging the other two to help him. He is quite speedy and effective at excavating large holes in a short space of time. He does not like the feel of the wire on his feet, so for now, the fence line is not his favorite spot and he has moved his excavating activity to another part of the yard - my flowers.
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