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Testimonial from a happy Blythfell puppy owner:

What I wanted to share with you is how perfect Pepper's personality is for us.  You will recall that you and Gordon had identified Pepper as a puppy who enjoys human touch, is very calm, and basically is the best candidate for being a lap dog.  One of our friends has stage 4 cancer of the stomach and brain.  It's not a good situation for him.  When we bring Pepper over to meet him, her calm personality makes her a perfect therapy dog.  She calmly stays still and accepts his attention and the petting.  She is always welcome at his apartment. I thought I would share with you how her personality also brings joy to someone you and Gordon don't even know.

Blythfell is a small kennel devoted to improving the West Highland White Terrier.
This is an amazing little dog who is the perfect combination of  brains and beauty  wrapped in a tough little package.
 I have owned and loved Westies since I was a child. I don't remember a time when there has not been two or three in the house. I decided when I retired from full time employment one of my goals would be to breed and show Westies. I had a clear vision of my ideal dog and began to work toward it, keeping in mind that the single most important criterion is temperament! Naomi Brown of Ashgate US who sold me Can/Am Ch Ashgate US Blythfell Montrose when he was 10 weeks old.
He became the main stay of our breeding program and along with our lovely Daisy ( Can Ch Berryhill Daisies Dont Lie) produced beautiful babies, including Can/Am Gr Ch Blythfell Fergus who is a wonderful combination of both dogs.
I am a member  of  the West Highland WhiteTerrier Club of America (WHCTCA] , West Highland White Terrier Club of England and the West Highland White Terrier Club of Western Canada

 Email :   blythfell@gmail.com

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